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                                                    presented in
                                                    DD SURROUND(TM)

                            BABYLON 5

MICHAEL O'HARE                  as      Commander Jeffrey Sinclair
CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN               as      Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova
JERRY DOYLE                     as      Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
MIRA FURLAN                     as      Delenn

                          ALSO STARRING
RICHARD BIGGS                   as      Dr. Stephen Franklin
ANDREA THOMPSON                 as      Talia Winters
STEPHEN FURST                   as      Vir
BILL MUMY                       as      Lennier
CAITLIN BROWN                   as      Na'Toth

ANDREAS KATSULAS                as      G'Kar

PETER JURASIK                   as      Londo

        Created by                      J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI

[production credits]

                      "THE QUALITY OF MERCY"

                          GUEST STARRING
JUNE LOCKHART                   as      Dr. Laura Rosen
KATE McNEIL                     as      Janice Rosen
MARK ROLSTON                    as      Karl Mueller
DAMIAN LONDON                   as      Centauri Senator
JIM NORTON                      as      Ombuds Wellington

        Director of Photography         JOHN C. FLINN, III A.S.C.
        Conceptual Consultant           HARLAN ELLISON
        Produced by                     JOHN COPELAND
        Written by                      J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI
        Directed by                     LORRAINE SENNA FERRARA

[end credits]

        Executive Producer              DOUGLAS NETTER
        Executive Producer              J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI

[closing credits]

        Associate Producer              GEORGE JOHNSEN

LYNN ANDERSON                           Rose
PHILIPPE BERGERON                       Lurker
DAVID CROWLEY                           Second Guard
KEVIN McBRIDE                           Guard
CONSTANCE ZIMMER                        Young Woman Patient

        Story Editor                    LAWRENCE G. DITILLIO

        Music by                        CHRISTOPHER FRANKE
        Music Performed by              CHRISTOPHER FRANKE
                                            THE BERLIN
                                          SYMPHONIC FILM

        Production Designer             JOHN IACOVELLI

        Casting by                      MARY JO SLATER, C.S.A.

        Unit Production Manager         KEVIN G. CREMIN
        1st Assistant Director          JOHN RADULOVIC
        2nd Assistant Director          DOUG CORRING

        Visual Effects Designed by      RON THORNTON

        Visual Effects Produced by      FOUNDATION IMAGING
        Computer Imaging Supervisor     PAUL BEIGLE-BRYANT
        Visual FX Producer              SHANNON CASEY
        Visual FX Supervisor            MITCH SUSKIN

    Series Make-up Effects Created by   OPTIC NERVE STUDIOS
                                        EVERETT BURRELL
                                        JOHN VULICH

        Art Director                    DEBORAH RAYMOND
        Property Master                 BARBARA COLE
        Set Decorator                   NANCY S. FALLACE
        Leadman                         JASON HOWARD

        Costume Designer                ANN BRUICE
        Costume Supervisor              KIM M. HOLLY
        Key Make-up Artist              MARY KAY MORSE
        Key Hairstylist                 TRACI SMITHE
        Script Supervisor               HALEY McLANE

        Camera Operator                 EYAL GORDIN
        1st Assistant Camera            PETER B. KOWALSKI
        Gaffer                          MARSHALL ADAMS
        Key Grip                        RICK STRIBLING
        Special Effects by              ULTIMATE EFFECTS
        Stunt Coordinator               KERRY ROSSALL

        Sound Mixer                     PATRICK MITCHELL
        Sound Design                    JON JOHNSON, M.P.S.E.
        Re-recording Mixers             TERRY O'BRIGHT
                                        TODD ORR
        Sound Supervisor                ERIN HOIEN

        Editor                          SKIP ROBINSON
        Assistant Editor                KATHIE BURR
        Digital Effects Animation       KEVIN KUTCHAVER
        Matte Artist                    ERIC CHAUVIN
        Post Production Coordinator     SUSAN NORKIN

        Production Coordinator          CHRIS O'CONNOR
        Production Accounting           
            Services Provided by        OBERMAN, TIVOLI & MILLER, LTD.
        Production Accountant           SARAH MORSE-FISCHER
        Casting Associate               STEVE BROOKSBANK

        Script Coordinator              REBECCA LANGENFELD
        Executive Producer's Assistant  TRACIE ESPARZA
        Producer's Assistant            KELSEY KLINE
    Special Effect Contact Lenses by    BODYTECH

                    Filmed with PANAVISION(R)
                         Cameras & Lenses

                     3D Visual Effects System
                       The Video Toaster(R)
                     Furnished by NewTek, Inc.

                             Color by

                    Electronic Laboratory(tm)
                        MEDIA CORPORATION

                 Digital Sound & Re-Recording by
                           EFX SYSTEMS

                      DD DOLBY SURROUND(tm)

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               laws of the United States of America
              and other countries.  Any unauthorized
          duplication, copying, distribution, exhibition
           or use may result in civil liability and/or
                      criminal prosecution.

                Copyright (c) 1994 PTN CONSORTIUM
                       ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

                   Country of first publication
                     United States of America

               PTN Consortium is the author of this
             film/motion picture for the purposes of
            Article 15 (2) of the Berne Convention and
             all national laws giving effect thereto.

                     Production Number - 117



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